Best Montessori Books for Toddlers

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Making Faces: A First Book of Emotions: This is simply a committee book that introduces nan 6 basal facial expressions (happy, sad, angry, surprised, silly, and sleepy) utilizing existent images of babies.

Baby’s Feelings: A First Book of Emotions: This committee book is akin to nan Making Faces above, but it includes a wider action of images and feelings/expressions.

My First ABC, My First 123, and My First Colors: These committee books by DK are a awesome postulation to person for your babe aliases toddler. When possible, Montessori-aligned books should show existent images arsenic opposed to illustrations. These committee books are a awesome prime for your babe aliases toddler to statesman recognizing images, words, numbers, and colors.


Wiggles: The Wiggles book encourages toddlers to tally their fingers on its bright, colorful zigzags and swoops. Because Wiggles incorporates a multisensory effect pinch some spoken connection pages and nan kinetic activity of tracing nan shapes. This book nurtures toddlers connected respective levels of development.

The Babies and Doggies Book: This committee book explores akin actions shared by babies and puppies. It is written pinch rhyming verses and illustrated pinch beautiful photographs featuring aggregate canine breeds and a divers formed of babies.

Hands Can: This rhyming book explores each nan different things that small hands are tin of and encourages children to research nan world astir them.


Baby Up, Baby Down: A First Book of Opposites: This committee book introduces sets of opposites utilizing photographs of babies and young children.

Who Lives Here? Forest: This assistance a flap committee book explores wood animals and habitats. Children will study to place different animals arsenic good arsenic quality sports specified arsenic trees, ponds, caves, etc.

First Experiences by Mr. Rogers: These awesome books from Mr. Rogers thief toddlers understand immoderate important life events for a toddler. They include:

  • Going to nan Potty
  • Making Friends
  • Going to Daycare
  • New Baby
  • Moving
  • When a Pet Dies

Going to School: A Toddler Prep Book: This book helps your small 1 study what they’ll really spot and acquisition astatine school, featuring existent photos and simple, easy-to-understand language.


Jack Goes to Montessori School: Jack’s communicative is simply a child-friendly preamble to nan Montessori learning methods, nan building of a Montessori classroom, and nan excitement a Montessori student feels to beryllium engaged successful his ain learning.


Plant and Grow by John Deere Kids: Introduce your small 1 to nan awesome world of farming pinch this adorable and sturdy committee book. John Deere has several different awesome workplace and tractor books arsenic well.

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