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Montessori toys are close-ended successful nature. The Montessori method is founded connected Maria Montessori’s accuracy that play is nan activity of nan child, which intends each Montessori artifact intends to create a circumstantial skill.   

Montessori toys are not typically open-ended but alternatively are close-ended. They person a circumstantial intent and desired result successful nan classroom. There is only 1 measurement to play pinch nan toy. The kid performs a circumstantial task aliases must lick a problem. The toys person a clear starting constituent and a clear ending point.

Montessori materials aliases toys are designed to foster learning and are close-ended. Read connected to find retired why Montessori uses close-ended alternatively than open-ended materials. 

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Are Montessori Toys Open Ended?

Montessori toys are nan other of open-ended; they are close-ended. In different words, Montessori toys and materials are constructed pinch a circumstantial intent successful mind, specified arsenic solving a problem aliases completing a task. Children successful a Montessori situation prosecute successful system play, called work, utilizing close-ended toys aliases materials.

The Montessori method teaches done play that is grounded successful reality. Close-ended materials are nan cornerstone of nan Montessori method. Each Montessori toy, aliases worldly arsenic they are referred to, intends to create a circumstantial accomplishment aliases execute a circumstantial outcome. Close-ended Montessori toys are puzzles, books, and shape-sorters.

Open-ended toys, connected nan different hand, are designed to beryllium played pinch successful galore ways, person nary expectations, and are often only utilized for dress play. Open-ended toys person nary opening aliases extremity points, and location are nary rules astir really to play pinch an open-ended toy. Examples of open-ended toys are building blocks, balls, and dolls.

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Close-ended toys person a singular intent and outcome. Montessori materials are functional, and mimic real-life experiences. Montessori materials let children to research their situation successful a meaningful way. 

Close-ended Montessori materials support children’s improvement and provides them pinch a consciousness of restitution erstwhile nan problem has been solved.

“… nan full Montessori method is based connected nan spontaneous activity of nan kid which is aroused precisely by nan liking nan kid takes successful nan material.” – Dr. Maria Montessori

What are nan Benefits of Close-Ended Montessori Toys?

Montessori materials are close-ended because they are designed arsenic learning devices alternatively than toys. Montessori materials align pinch Dr. Maria Montessori‘s school philosophy, meaning they thatch children astir nan world they unrecorded successful by engaging nan senses.

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Closed-ended materials are designed astir mastering 1 circumstantial skill. Giving a kid nan opportunity to attraction connected 1 circumstantial accomplishment astatine a clip sets them up for occurrence and allows them to maestro nan accomplishment successful their ain time.

There are galore benefits to close-ended materials:

  • Concentration: Dr. Montessori believed that erstwhile a kid is concentrating, they are happy. Close-ended materials require children to beryllium focused arsenic they activity done nan task aliases problem.
  • Sense of Purpose: Close-ended materials springiness children a consciousness of intent because they supply a consciousness of accomplishment and importance.
  • Independence: Close-ended materials let for children to self-correct, which successful move helps to foster a consciousness of independence. Close-ended materials person a group measurement of completing nan task, and if a measurement is performed nan incorrect measurement aliases done retired of sequence, nan desired result will not beryllium achieved. The kid will person to correct nan process if done incorrectly.
  • Sense of Achievement: Close-ended materials person a opening and an end. When a kid reaches nan extremity of a closed-ended activity aliases material, they consciousness a consciousness of accomplishment which, successful turn, boosts their confidence.
  • Problem Solving: Closed-ended materials often travel a sequence. This intends location are aggregate steps a kid must travel to execute nan desired outcome. This helps create problem-solving skills done sequential thinking.
  • Develop Motor Skills: Close-ended Montessori toys thief children to create good centrifugal skills. Toys specified arsenic puzzles, and shape-sorters require children to fresh nan pieces into nan correct slot successful different ways.

Close-ended toys aliases materials thatch children to tidy up erstwhile they person vanished pinch them. In a prepared environment, children take nan activity from nan shelf, transportation it to their work mat aliases table, and activity done nan activity. Once they person completed nan task, they tidy up.

What are Close-Ended Montessori Toys?

So, what precisely are close-ended Montessori toys aliases materials? They are materials that person an extremity end aliases a circumstantial endpoint. Close-ended materials are system materials pinch a clear beginning, middle, and end.

Close-ended Montessori toys let children to attraction connected processing 1 accomplishment astatine a clip until they maestro it. Montessori toys are intended to thief children understand nan world astir them and to thief them maestro their environment.

Some examples of close-ended Montessori toys are:

  • Object Permanence Box: This is simply a classical Montessori artifact that tin beryllium introduced erstwhile an babe tin beryllium unassisted. The object permanence box helps children understand that erstwhile an entity disappears, it still exists. 
  • Lacing Cards and Beads: Lacing cards and beads are a worldly utilized to create hand-eye coordination and amended children’s pincer grip. Children manipulate a shoelace into nan holes successful a shaped woody board. For nan lacing beads material, children thread shaped, colorful beads onto drawstring aliases shoelaces.
  • Pegboards: There are different types of pegboards available. Pegboards for younger children attraction connected stacking colorful pegs onto a board. For older children, Pegboards are a Montessori mathematical material.
  • Knobbed Cylinders: Knobbed Cylinders are a Montessori Sensorial worldly that consists of 10 different knobbed cylinders which fresh into a different spread connected a woody block. This worldly helps children to create their pincer grip and helps children study really to make distinctions successful their environment.
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Close-ended materials go much challenging successful creation arsenic children maestro nan first level. For example, erstwhile an babe has mastered nan first Object Permanence Box, you tin move to a Coin Box. Adding nan doorway makes nan activity much challenging arsenic nan kid needs to unfastened nan doorway to spot nan shot aliases entity again.

Close-ended toys aliases materials let children to create skills and maestro activities independently. Close-ended toys springiness children a consciousness of intent and achievement. Montessori materials are designed successful specified a measurement that they fundamentally group children up for success.


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