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Montessori schools travel successful galore different varieties, including nationalist schools, backstage schools, charter schools, and franchised schools. Some are religious, while others are not, and nan property ranges of classes tin besides vary. All these different options tin create disorder for parents that are trying to find nan correct Montessori schoolhouse for their child.

Most Montessori schools are privately owned and operated and are not franchises. However, location are respective “chains” of franchised Montessori schools. Most Montessori schools are not religious, though location are respective privately owned nether belief affiliation.

If you’re willing successful Montessori school, publication on. We’ll reside often asked questions astir Montessori institutions, truthful you person all nan accusation you need.

Are Montessori School Franchises?

While franchising is much communal among “chain” businesses (i.e., restaurants, retail, hotels, etc.), a fewer Montessori schools person adopted this aforesaid business model. Franchisees salary franchisors a interest positive regular royalties to usage their marque and materials to unfastened and tally their ain Montessori school.

Although astir Montessori schools do not person a franchising option, you’ll beryllium amazed to find location are rather a fewer notable Montessori franchises:

  • Montessori Kids University: This school’s franchise programme provides each franchisees nan resources, tools, and proposal needed to make your schoolhouse successful. It is low-cost, making starting your ain schoolhouse affordable arsenic good arsenic rewarding. Montessori Kids University offers owners a program for Montessori-based classes and childcare programs.
  • Montessori League Academy: With a debased costs and tons of support, Montessori League Academy’s franchising programme is awesome for those caller to franchising aliases owning a school, sloppy if you’re accustomed to home-based program aliases not. Montessori League Academy besides offers assistance successful uncovering a section schoolhouse building if you request thief doing so.
  • Joyous Montessori: Offering training programs and nan opportunity to protector existent franchise owners, Joyous Montessori has everything you request to get started. They connection adjacent connection pinch their partners and let each franchised schoolhouse to thief 1 different on nan way.
  • Children’s Magnet: With 25 years of successful schools, Children’s Magnet franchises are an fantabulous action to get you started successful a caller career. They connection a wide assortment of hands-on learning techniques to see successful your curriculum, including a successful STEM-inspired program. As portion of their extremity to thief adhd locations crossed nan globe, Children’s Magnet is invested successful helping you not only get group up but getting your schoolhouse funded.

So while astir Montessori schools successful nan U.S. are NOT franchises, location are respective reputable Montessori franchises passim nan country.

Are Montessori Schools Religious?

Privately-owned Montessori schools tin beryllium belief if owners take to thatch that way. However, this whitethorn not beryllium nan lawsuit pinch immoderate Montessori franchises.

For nan astir part, whether your schoolhouse will—or can—be belief will dangle connected nan proprietor aliases franchisor. Generally speaking, religion is not an inherent portion of Montessori-style education; therefore, schools take to travel a akin line arsenic nationalist schools and their belief policies: nary religion aliases belief is viewed arsenic “wrong,” but it is besides not a portion of nan program aliases people discussions.

However, you will still find a fewer Montessori schools that guidelines their curriculum connected belief beliefs aliases are tally nether belief affiliation.

Do Montessori Schools Celebrate Holidays?

Many Montessori schools do admit holidays, but really they schedule clip disconnected from schoolhouse astir these days of nan twelvemonth aliases observe successful nan schoolroom whitethorn dangle connected nan franchisor aliases owner.


Do Montessori Schools Have Sports?

Some (but not many) Montessori schools do connection sports for their students. The Montessori measurement encourages real-life experiences for students, and sports tin supply children pinch a chance to create cardinal skills specified arsenic coordination, teamwork, and social skills. It besides helps them get nan workout they request to enactment healthy.

However, it’s worthy noting that immoderate advocates of Montessori acquisition judge that sports promote competition, which goes against Maria Montessori’s thought of nan perfect learning situation for students. Therefore, not each schoolhouse you brushwood will person sports arsenic an extracurricular activity. 

Do Montessori School Require Vaccinations?

This each depends connected nan guidelines provided by each state. All Montessori schools must travel nan CDC authorities requirements for vaccines. However, immoderate states connection exemptions for definite circumstances, specified arsenic wellness issues, belief beliefs, philosophical opinions, and much that whitethorn use to your school.

Do Montessori Schools Use Common Core Curriculum?

For nan astir part, Montessori schools focus their teachings on nan aforesaid lines arsenic nationalist schools’ nationalist and authorities curriculum. Most of them travel communal halfway learning and adhere to standardized testing arsenic well; nan only quality is nan method successful which topics are taught.

If you are a backstage Montessori school, you do not needfully person to travel authorities guidelines. Nevertheless, astir still do because this tin champion hole immoderate student who whitethorn transportation schools successful nan future.

Additionally, those who thatch nan Montessori measurement mostly judge that nationalist schools’ communal halfway is simply a awesome instauration for school students important concepts. However, by adding nan Montessori element, these teachings spell beyond mahfuz and require kids to create and use problem-solving and different hands-on skills that tin beryllium transferred to nan existent world.

Final Thoughts

As you tin see, location is nary “one” benignant of Montessori school. They travel successful each different varieties, including public, private, religious, non-religious, and connection varying property ranges and extracurricular activities.

To find retired what Montessori schoolhouse is champion for your child, inquire astir your section Montessori institutions for much information.

To study astir really Montessori schools are accredited and licensed, click here.

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